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This 42 Track Collection Includes Tracks Taken from TV Commercials. It Includes the Much Sought after 'dive' by the Propellerheads Along with a Host of Other Big Names.


In advertisers' constant struggle to portray their products as "hip" and contemporary, it was inevitable that they would turn to pop music to provide the soundtracks to their television commercials. Pop, rock, indie and dance: these are the sounds of youth and energy, and that's exactly what marketing people want their stuff to be associated with. The products sell, and the songs, well, they get hammered into the public consciousness. So many artists have seen their sales skyrocket on the back of a well-shot, popular television ad, be it for jeans or family cars. Switched On collects some of the best soundtracks to some of the best-known ads at the turn of the century, in a 2-CD cross-genre compilation. The Propellerheads' "History Repeating" nestles between Andy Williams's "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" and Lalo Schifrin's Bullit theme on CD1, while CD2 has songs by Moby ("Run On"), the Pixies ("Tame"), Sash ("Encore Une Fois") and Blondie ("One Way Or Another"). In the process, Switched On manages to provide a fantastic overview of musical tastes at the close of the century. --Ted Kord

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